Friday, January 04, 2008

Orchestral manoeuvres in the (cold and) dark while Shetland (sort of) starves!

Well, Susan and Martha flew home yesterday without difficulty, but transport to, from and within the Shetland Isles is in disarray this evening, thanks to easterly gales. No boats north or south last night or tonight, no freight, no 'sooth bread' in the shops and the wind is still howling, so the possibility of power cuts later.

All that and the rest of Scotland is being deluged with snow. Though not Glasgow, where I sit and contemplate a night of classical music, courtesy of the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. Walton! Rachmaninov! Rock, and if you will, roll! James is one of the bassists, and though I don't expect to speak to him tonight, tomorrow I'll collect him, and his bass, after the Perth Concert Hall gig, prior to the ferry trip home on Sunday night. As long as the wind changes.

Presumably by then there will be Warburtons back in the Lerwick supermarkets, and all will be right in the Northern Isles. How DID the vikings manage without sliced white bread?

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