Saturday, January 26, 2008

Slightly stormy...but big congratulations to BT Openreach!

These pictures were taken at the Eshaness cliffs on Friday morning, after a night of sustained 80 mph winds, gusting much higher. The electricity failed sometime overnight and remained off, with one brief respite of an hour, until 21.00 yesterday. The previous day, lightning struck the telephone exchange at Hillswick, frying my ISDN connection, which meant a mad dash to Lerwick to do the show from the BBC Radio Shetland studios. BT really came up trumps, though - their engineer was actually listening to the programme(which for the first half hour, as I drove through snow, hail, ice and a plague of frogs to get to Lerwick, had to be hosted by Pam Tibbets in Glasgow) and drove straight to Hillswick to fix the problem! So by the time I came home on Thursday night, everything was working fine. Until, that is, the power cut...

The weather today (Saturday) is grim and gusty. I'm flying south early on Monday morning, by which time things should have calmed down slightly. Still, I'm glad I haven't booked the boat...


Tonykaku said...

what exciting weather you have there!
we had a rain here on friday or as the tv weather
people here like to call it "Storm Watch 2008".
usually i would go to the beach to take photos
of the waves but i was feeling a bit under the
weather so i decided not to go out into the
i haven't listened to all of your friday Burns Day
Show so i don't know if you and your station made
it thru until the end of the show. i felt i should
learn a thing or two about Rabbie Burns and
Tam O'Shanter before emailing again.
i did find some of your life on youtube. you can
see some of mine by putting in "kevfoto" into
the youtube search field. i have some live music from my travels and a few other things.
thanks again for the music, the music trivia
and the many interesting topics of conversation.

kevin from the south bay of LA
ps. track #4 of Sigur Ros' 2002 cd called ( )
is one of my favorites and the reason i became a fan. i like the videos you posted and will look to see if there is a video to track #4.

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Jon Roniger