Friday, March 13, 2009

Back in Shetland, and the new vinyl countdown begins!

Lovely trip back to Shetland in bright sunshine, and a nice smooth flight. A very short trip away - two nights - and a great time was had in Alva, as part of the BBC Radio Scotland Soundtown project. Hugely impressed with the musical quality of the out for Gamu Nhengu, who will be a star before anyone knows it, and for the breathtaking State of Mind,5th-year pupils with real verve, attitude and firepower. Lead singer's a dead ringer for the young Stephen Pastel, as well. You can hear yesterday's show, with those very live acts, on BBC iPlayer and there are pictures and the video for the school's comic relief song The Haggis, on the BBC Radio Scotland website.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful to Hendo/Steve frae Kelso and the excellent Electric Roulette website for news of all kinds of action on old-fashioned, but hopefully on-its-way-back-bigtime vinyl. Cohen singles, Dylan singles and more.

But it's the 'From the Capitol Vaults' project is almost too good to be true. Nurse! to the Linn Sondek-Ittok-Asak!


Anonymous said...

Tom - great post and I am looking forwrad to Recordstore day. I think it is a tremendous idea. I see there is a participating dealer in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The Springsteen release includes a b-side, The jersey Devil, which is not on the Working On dream album as such (but the video is on the DVD) so although it is a throwaway track it is good to see that it is something relatively worthwile having.

Maybe the Cohen soingle will have something extra to the forthcoming Live In London album!

Thoroughly enjoyed your programme yesterday.

Anonymous said...

i cant get that state of mind song out of my head. its just as well i found their myspace page.
this is what you do to my poor brain

Anonymous said...

carpetbaggers: This is good stuff, I heard you playing the song a lot last year and think this live version is great. Plus a couple of others
(not bad for a Nick Lowe b side!!)

Anonymous said...

Bob update!

Bob Dylan's 46th studio album now has a name, a release date, Together Through Life will be released by Columbia Records on 28 April, Dylan has confirmed on his website.