Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fog, windylights, Martha in Orkney and a lifeboat cake won in a raffle

CALAMITY! Friday was Brae Up Helly Aa, an event much anticipated by young (14 year old) daughter Martha, who had planned for weeks to attend with her pals. She had worked out that, despite having to get up at 5.00am to catch a flight to Inverness (school council duties, the glamorous modern lifestyle of the school pupil) she would be back by 7.00pm, and ready to party.

But, as Susan and I drove north from Lerwick, the lovely warm weather was chilling down into spectacular fogginess. The Shetland Aerogenerators site was, as you can see, becoming seriously fluffified, and soon Sumburgh was haar-bound. By which time Martha, plus various other school pupils and teachers, were in Kirkwall. Stranded.

Where Flybe put them up overnight in the Kirkwall Hotel, complete with £20 vouchers for dinner. Each, not for the entire flight. It's fair to say that Martha was...not best pleased with this turn of events. But enjoyed smoked salmon, fish and chips and chocolate torte. Many, many thanks to the teachers involved for looking after her, and to Elaine from the SIC for making Flybe provide breakfast!

Marf arrived back safely this morning, bright, breezy and ready for 'da hop' tonight (follow-up dance for survivors of Up Helly Aa) Young people. We picked Susan up from the NorthLink ferry where she'd been helping out at the RNLI coffee morning, and it turned out she'd won a cake!

And very nice it is too...

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