Monday, May 10, 2010

Thirty Years After...Duffin, Morton and (a much younger) Morton

I know, I know. There's been an election and I haven't said a word about it. Partly, that's because I'm not really allowed to make public political pronouncements, on pain of having the BBC whip withdrawn. But also, it's because my mind has been on other things. Namely, Saturday night's 30th Anniversary reunion gig by gospel-rock-reggae band The Victors.

Support acts were the excellent Passion Singers and, also marking a 30th anniversary (the release of the album Out of the Harbour)myself and Graeme Duffin.

Graeme is the man whose production, arrangement and guitar playing skills made Wet Wet Wet the mega success they were. We hadn't played together for, well, 28 years at least until we met for a brief rehearsal (with my son James on bass) last Friday. Although Graeme's daughter Esther (O'Connor)has been a guest several times on the Tom Morton Show and indeed (ain't life complicated?) used to be in the band Ashton Lane with another of my sons.

The excellent Stewart Cunningham took these pictures. There are lots more of The Victors and the Passion Singers which I'll post, with Stewart's permission, in due course. The gig (at the 02 ABC2) in Glasgow was busy, about 200 folk in attendance. It raised £1300 for the upcoming Solas Festival.

It was a difficult gig for me in many ways, and maybe I'll write about the reasons for that in another post. There were many folk there I hadn't seen for 25-odd years during which our various paths had, let's say gone in different directions. Still, the reception was warm, I thought we played pretty well. We played some old songs, some middle-aged ones, and some new stuff too. No lightning bolts fell.

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Gordon McKinlay said...

I am really sorry we missed this! It sounds as though it was a good evening. Memories of the Victors, you and Graeme playing songs from Out of the Harbour and others such as Harvest and Talking Drums from my teenage past in Glasgow are still very strong and very good.

Thanks for sharing the photos.