Monday, July 27, 2020

Russia Today (My Own Show)

I love Russia, the Russians are cool
My best friends call me the Moscow Mule
I don't like vodka, it makes me sicklyA
Unless i drink it  very quickly
Have you ever seen their  marvellous dolls?
They're either  far away or they're extremely small

Russia! Dearest Russia, how I hold you dear!
I love you just as much as I love North Korea
And if all else fails I know I'll be OK
I'll have my own show on Russia Today

Oh, Russia, You're not my mother
But you would be, If I had another
Her name was Mary, I just wanted to please her
She came from Scotland, without a visa
She used to say that I was bound for hell
I found it in the Moscow Ritz Carlton Hotel

I've a Faberge egg my friend Vladimir gave
There's more to that company than aftershave
Voldemort  said it would be a pity
To end up  in Salisbury or Mexico City
I remember what Trotsky's girlfriend said
Life's better without an icepick in your head

And if all else fails I'll know where to go
I can do the traffic
On Sputnik Radio

Copyright Tom Morton, 2020

Note: That's a Selmer "222", a cheap starter guitar made in Britain under the Selmer name which cost 11 guineas in 1966, when mum and dad bought me it for my 11th birthday. It's been through a lot in 54 years. And still stays roughly in tune.

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