Friday, November 20, 2020

There for You (The Corona Christmas Song)

There for You (The Corona Christmas song)

I’m working all through Christmas 

It’s just another day to me

Take off your masks have a little hug

Decorate your Norwegian tree

Kissing underneath the mistletoe

Sharing out the Christmas cake

I’ll be right there with you

In every single breath you take

The reindeer are OK Santa’s on his way

Don’t worry it’ll be all right

Chestnuts on the fire, carols from the choir

There’s something in the air tonight

Together as a family

I’m so glad you welcomed me 

To gather with you too

I’m here for you

There’s a service in the church

You really need to sing

I wouldn’t worry all that much

About social distancing

After all it’s just a day or two

It’s been a tough old year

Breathe easy, hold each other close

There’s nothing to fear

Merry Christmas, do not despair 

I’ll be with you in intensive care

Copyright Tom Morton 2020

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