Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Vaccine Hesitation Zombie Lizard Implantation Blues

Vaccine Hesitation Zombie Lizard Blues
Don’t want to be infected
Don’t want to be injected
Don’t want these little robots inside my head
They’re trying to change my DNA
So I’ll do whatever they say
It’s just like the Night of the Living Dead
Read it in a magazine
If they make us take the vaccine
We’ll be flesh eating heroes
In a film by George Romero
Zombies, with exploding heads
Like in Shaun of the Dead
Don’t let them jag you in the arm
They’re trying to do us harm
Evil lizards will grow eggs inside our brains
And soon we’ll all sprout and scales and tails
Claws instead of fingernails
They’ll turn us into shoes and handbags we’ll live in sewers and drains
Saw it on the internet
Worse things can happen yet
Condemned to be skinned to make some cowboy’s boots
Or kept in a tank like Ken Livingstone’s newts
Lizards, with nothing to do
But watch Eastenders, maybe River City too
Don’t want no MMR or BCG
I believe in homeopathic remedies
I’m organic and vegan and gluten free
No dairy since 1973
Getting healthier every single day
Since the social workers took the kids away
But then they’re all Zombies
Or Lizards
Copyright Tom Morton 2020
(And for the record, I have taken and will take all vaccines offered, as and when...)

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