Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Weather, podcasting and more weather

Spring, eh? Well, actually, I've experienced colder summer nights in Shetland...but this picture was taken almost three weeks ago, and subsequently we were hit by tonnes of snow and, over the past four days, ferocious winds gusting up to 95 mph.
The snow was, of course, sheer delight for the St Bernards. Lulu has a thing for the trampoline, anyway - she is the bounciest of St Bs - but combine that with snow and not even the prospect of digging out an avalanche survivor could interest her. Not that avalanches were a serious problem.
Oor Wullie fever has subsided, thank goodness. But if you want to hear more about Daphne's love life, check out the new podcast on iTunes (subscribe for free: just subscribe to Tom Morton's Chatter and Twang). There are four new songs there - Motorcycle Days, That's Braw! Jings! I Love You Lass and Night Train. I'll try and get Jings! I Love you Lass on here as an audioblog over the next few days. Meanwhile, if you have podcasting software, you can cut and paste the podcast address which is to be found here...View RSS XML

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