Friday, June 08, 2007

Aberdeen and the Great Simmer Dim Broadcast!

Thanks to everyone who's been in touch about Lucy (see post below. All your thoughts are really appreciated. Poor old Lulu doesn't know what's going on - her lifetime playmate has disappeared and she keeps trying to persuade anyone or anything she meets to have a bit of rough and tumble high jinks. With a very robust and active St Bernard this can be a bit...intimidating.

Back in Aberdeen after a four and a half hour drive from Kelso last night - well done to producers Jenny and Dawn for everything involving Soundtown. Our next outside broadcast will be, in fact, from Shetland, on 21st June, midsummer, when I will be hosting the entire day of BBC Radio Scotland's broadcasting from the midst of the 'simmer dim'. There will be live music from a host of Shetland acts, input to GMS, Fred Macaulay, the Radio Cafe, Travelling folk and Ricky Ross's Late Lounge, and a special live Tom Morton Show from the Victoria Pier in Lerwick, featuring music from a host of stars.

This will all coincide with annual Johnsmas Fair in Shetland, so it should be brilliant!

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