Thursday, June 14, 2007

Foster's fourth time lucky tomorrow?

Foster Evans, our current Lost in Music champ on the show, has won three days in a row and is now poised to win a personal DVD player tomorrow, if no-one stops him. He's on holiday at North Berwick and it's been interesting getting his daily updates on what the family have been up to (Museum of Flight, paddling, rock pool fishing.
Great to have another Stax classic on the show, and indeed another Staple Singers song - Respect Yourself. Wonderful how positive those Staples songs were - secular gospel. I was a wee bit surprised to hear such support for The Police - Bed's Too Big Without You played today and it did sound good, but still, lots of emails full of nostalgia for Outlandos d'Amour etc. Interesting how badly the three members of that band got on, and how bland Sting's subsequent output has been - a circumstance not unconnected.
Meanwhile, the motor's on the boat, the anchor has been cleaned and the fishing gear prepared. To sea! But not just yet.

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