Friday, June 08, 2007


No flights into Sumburgh due to fog. I went to the airport because the 6.30pm flight was still showing an estimated time of departure, and there met the contemptuous (and contemptible)shambles that is Loganair's ground arrangements: British Airways handle the boarding (unless anything goes wrong) in which case (like today) you're pointed in the direction of Servisair. As if this was some cheapskate charter instead of a lifeline scheduled service. A woman took a handwritten note of my name and said to come back tomorrow for a 12.30pm flight. That, she claimed, would definitely go. Definitely. No offers of accommodation, taxis or the boat, which ( I checked) had no cabins but was still boarding foot passengers.

Always wanted to try the Carmelite ('Boutique') Hotel, the old Grampian down on the Green in Aberdeen. Decent weekend rate, so I booked it and got the bus back into the city. The old Grampian has had a coat of paint and a tarted up sub-Malmaison bar and restaurant. Welcoming, and good staff, though. AND IT HAS FREE BROADBAND! At last! As opposed to the utterly disgraceful £15 a day charge for wifi at the Holiday Inn Express. A good reason never to stay there again.

Just time to buy an in-room picnic from M&S. I'm in one of the cheap rooms (as opposed to the uh, £250 a night suites) and while the bathroom's been tidied up, and there's been some decor tidying, the bed, curtains and dreadful TV are from the old Grampian. Oh well.

I doubt, personally, if the 12.30 plane will go tomorrow. In which case, it'll have to be the boat.

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