Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dolphinsludge, Queen of the Highland Fleshpots!

I'm always amazed at Inverness's continued evolution, not to say gentrification. The former HIDB/HIE offices, once housed in a sixties monstrosity, have been converted into attractive (and posh) flats. Upmarket pubs and restaurants abound (last night I sampled the Corner Grill, in which I had the best chips I have ever experienced in 'Sneck) and there are galleries, attractive bars (to be honest, there were always attractive bars), and good shops. There's a Pizza Express! A Primark!

But it's the River Ness that makes this small city extraordinary. Everything in Inverness leads to the river, and it's a proper, clean, salmon-bearing watercourse that not only runs right through the centre, but comes complete with parks and the amazing Narnia-like Ness Islands.

My hotel has the scariest lift in Mr Otis's history, but the view from my room makes the terrifying ascent worthwhile.

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