Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Radio interview hell

Hell's teeth. This interview with Glasgow's own Hardeep Singh Kohli almost gave me a panic attack, such is the horrific, beyond-toe-curling embarrassment in listening to Les Ross of BBC West Midlands (Three Sony Awards, MBE for services to broadcasting, won DJ of the Year in 1965, beating Johnnie Walker) channel Alan Partridge while Hardeep maintains his dignity and eventually walks out.

I mean, I've had some truly dreadful moments myself on radio. There was the time, nervous as a kitten, I informed a survivor of a concentration camp as follows 'your interrogation will begin in a few moments'. Or the famous opera singer I described as 'performing in a pair of encrusted underpants.' Oh, and probably worse.

Thanks to those who passed this link on to me. It's widely available, notably on Media Monkey at the Guardian and on The Word Magazine blog.


Rachel Fox said...

Oh my god! Is that a real interview? Do presenters like that still exist? Excruciating.

Anonymous said...

Quite how Kohli kept his composure is both a mystery and a great credit to him.