Sunday, January 18, 2009

After the storm: a wee movie of a walk along the Eshaness Cliffs

I just got a new compact digital camera in the Amazon sale (a Samsung S1070, 59 quid, much more expensive now!) and decided to see how its movie facility worked...this is a pretty rough compressed QuickTime version...and I think YouTube have removed the Beach Boys soundtrack for copyright reasons!

Anyway, Susan and I went off for a walk at Eshaness in much milder conditions than anticipated. Last night's predicted hurricane never arrived, though the aftermath provided a really spectacular walk.

We went along to the Grind o'da Navir, which is where the really big waves are hitting towards the end of the video. And we NEARLY saw The Cannon blowhole below the lighthouse erupting!

Fantastic walk. We had a flask of coffee at the Grind o' da Navir, and narrowly missed getting soaked when a much bigger wave than any of those I filmed came right over the top...oh, and the camera has a self-timer...


Tonykaku said...

"hi y'all" as we (they) say here in Texas. nice wee film. i will be adding some Texas photos on my blog wehn i get back to LA . . .
a wee different than Texas and woo bit different than The Shetlands.

hoolet said...

hi tom
fantastic, and the quality was not too bad in full screen either .
tata the noo