Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gateway to Govan, throwing the 'l' away and not being on the guest list...

A beautiful day in Glasgow, and after too much morning coffee with old mate TC, it was time for a stroll along the river to work. There's so much work going on (and weird bits of the riverbank which appear to have been privatised) that you end up weaving in and out of bollards, JCBs, parked cars and some of the worst-designed apartment developments in history. But there are little joys, like the old ferry steps, preserved here for some reason, and never to be used again.

A PQ, they've lost the 'l' out of Scotland. Where can it possibly be? I wondered briefly if a pound sign was going to installed as a comment on the SNP losing its budget vote, but perhaps not.

Tonight, I was supposed to go to the Ramblin' Boys gig at Celtic Connections (I'm doing a majorly major interview with Arlo Guthrie tomorrow) but no press pass awaited me. Too many decades hustling for free entry to gigs suddenly caught up with me, and I explained to the woman on the desk, who was all set to start telephoning senior executives, that, frankly, I'd rather just go home and have an early night. Sleep tight!

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