Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Only here for the beard...

One of my producers referred to the picture lurking below of a piratically-bearded me as "frightening". However, that's not the reason I shaved it off this morning. Nor was I intent on making myself look younger. I don't. My daughter claims beardlessness makes me look "more serious", or possibly just less ridiculous.

No, it was done because of the intolerable itchiness and the fact that we had a carry-out curry the other night from the UK's Most Northerly Indian Takeaway (just next door to The UK's Most Northerly Chip Shop). That chicken channa stuck around, literally, far too long.

Of course, having reduced my hirsuteness quotient, I discovered that the beard - or at least, facial hair - is apparently going to be the male fashion accessory of 2009. Sting has a beard (I think that stems for a period moonlighting as a Tantric Santa Claus in the Chippenham Woolworths). Brad Pitt has a dodgy moustache. Prince William is sporting what they call in the Royal Navy a 'full set'.

This matters to me not a jot, a whit or a follicle. Beards and curries do not go together, and that's good enough for me.


hoolet said...

hi tom
aye beards seem like a good idea until you get a streamin cauld or in your case your eatin curry fur the next few weeks altho curry would be preferable to the other stuff which seemed tasty when you were a small boy
tata the noo

The Driver said...

The beardy pic reminds me of someone, but I can't think for the life of me who it is. There's no need for a beard unless you're an Arctic explorer, I know living in Shetland (or is it on Shetland? I digress...) is close, but it's not close enough.

You own a razor - use it man ;-)