Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shetlandic scenes

Some scenes from Shetland over the past few days. Those seals are just a few yards from the back of the Toll Clock shopping centre in Lerwick. They're virtually tame. The red sky was at dawn on Saturday (shepherd's/sailor's warning, and how). It was a day of brutal weather. That glint of sunshine shows the community I live in, Hillswick, and in particular the St Magnus Bay Hotel. It's on a narrow spit of land between two beaches, and our house (some 300 years old) is built on what seems to be reclaimed beach. The other picture of the hotel (from the side) is taken from the West Ayre. The 1960s house directly facing the camera is the doctor's house, where we lived in the late 1980s. And then there's the West Ayre itself, late this afternoon, as the light was fading. Definitely surfable.

As I write, the weather is worsening again. Time for soup!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, great pictures! Have always dreamt of visiting Shetland, vigorous walks across the isles with my dogs (dreams, too much hassle to bring them from Sweden!) and am even more inspired by your pics. Pperhaps when your tourist accomodation is up and running I can book into that:-)
Am still listening to your show over the web, really enjoy it!
Kati in Sweden