Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forget The Hold Steady and the Gaslight Anthem - check THIS out...a mere 30 years old

Ah yes, Southside Johnny and the Asbury of the great, and sadly underrated white r&b voices, coupled with a truly phenomenal band...and part of the whole Jersey Shore scene that gave us the Boss. Here are the Jukes in absolutely full flight in 1978 at the Agora Club in Cleveland, on the song that should have cracked the world wide open for them. With a certain Mr Springsteen (when he still had his own teeth)on backing vocals. Southside himself is still active, having just released a very convincing big band album of Tom Waits songs called Grapefruit Moon.


norrie said...

Oh Tom Tom Tom - what an absolutely fantastic clip. Loved it.

As well as the outstanding debut album, Hearts of Stone is just a fantastic companion piece to Darkness.

Great performer to this day as you rightly point out.

Anonymous said...

It's s bit like Jazz I suppose.

I just don't get what is ' good ' about this sort of music.