Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pre-order Serpentine, my first 'proper' thriller...

It's out on 4th June, and you can get a copy direct from the Random House website.

Here's the skinny. Thanks to Jeff for the quote:

A name from the murkiest corners of Britain's secret war in Ireland: Serpentine.

At first it's just gossip and fearful whispers. But then people begin to die and all hell breaks loose from Palestine to the remote Highlands of Scotland.

Fresh from the toughest assignments in the mercenary world comes former SAS officer Murricane. Can he find Serpentine before it's too late and before the horrific secrets of the past threaten to cause chaos not just in Ireland but in the Middle East too?

In a trail of mayhem that leads through Scotland, Gaza and Ireland, Murricane battles his own demons, as well as a monstrous former RUC officer, a disgraced policeman and a series of unreliable Land Rovers, until Serpentine plays his final, devastating game . . .

Serpentine is an explosive, bitterly funny journey into the darkest heart of the Irish Troubles and the violence that lurks in Scotland's most scenic Highland communities.

What the critics say
This is more than just a gripping page-turner. Morton combines his skill as a story-teller with the literary flair that readers will recognise from his other books
- Jeff Zycinski, head of BBC Radio Scotland

Morton is up there with the best of Scotland's almost-young literary lions
- Highland News


norrie said...

Looks good - hope it all goes well! Not so sure about the ageist comment though!!

Nairn said...

'almost young' - I know the feeling, worst thing is I'm just about certain that I'm almost old :(

Good luck with the book, something to dip your paint brush into now and again into or is that something else!