Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hey, fancy a wee train trip in the snow?

This is just 10 glorious minutes of the train journey through the mountains between Bergen and Oslo in Norway, shot from the front of the engine. In the snow. Believe it or not, Norwegian broadcaster NRK will let you download, free, the entire seven hours in HD...if you have a spare 22gb. Emerging from those tunnels is like...happiness.


Alistair said...

Hi Tom,

Just beautiful. My wife has just returned from a few days with the Swiss side of the family and encountered -16 and 2ft of snow throughout the weekend near Schaffhausen in north Switzerland.

Trudged back in a whiteout from the local restaurant attached to the Banhof in the village through 18+ inches late on Saturday night and woke on Sunday to find that ALL the roads had been completely cleared during the night and that most villagers were out clearing the paths and pavements too.

Seems like some cooncils have it all under control!

Unfortnately flight home to Edinburgh from Zurich was delayed by a late incoming Edinburgh flight delayed by.......um......the weather here in Britain.


ps bet the guy who announced that was killing himself!

lovely film.


Alistair said...


May I pinch it and post it on my blog too. Its a fantastic video for the season.


Tom Morton said...

No problem Alistair - please do.