Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lerwick and Hillswick by day, Voxter by night

I'm afraid my night-time mobile phone snap doesn't communicate the full, overwhelming impact of those Christmas lights. And this in a community so dark-ridden at this time of year that valiant battles against the night result in probably the most spectacular household lighting in Europe.

The other pictures show a salvaged anchor up at Bruce Wilcock's smithy in my home village of Hillswick (he makes new versions of that, full size, if you're interested) and a couple of hyper-trawlers in Lerwick with just a few of the boxes needed to hold their catch. These boats are so powerful and their catching capacity so massive they fill their annual quotas very quickly; they're at sea only for part of the year and still make very large amounts of cash indeed.

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Unknown said...

So, fish have been around for thousands of years, seals have been around for thousands of years, steam and diesel powered trawlers have been around for less than 200 years, suddenly there is a shortage of fish. Modern hyper trawlers can hoover up a year's worth in a few weeks. But according to the fishermen it's the seals' fault. That makes sense, NOT!