Saturday, December 26, 2009

Robert Stewart's CCTV birdboxes in Shetland

These magically quirky CCTV birdboxes are sculptures built by the Glasgow-based architectural model maker Robert Stewart. They were part of Susan's Christmas (after much heart-stopping trepidation on my part, she loved them)and are now installed inside and outside our house. You can buy them from Glasgow's superb Recoat Gallery in North Woodside Road. Many thanks to Amy for getting them here in time for Christmas Day.


Alistair said...

Just what I imagine evey bird wants - a pad with sububan chic in a handy location.

Very clever idea.....


Catherine said...

Without a doubt, this post is a subject for a future show (if you 'aint alrady done it) What possible situation would you find yourself in that would need a gun, a banjo and a lumberjack shirt and a frozen over back truck window?

I bet you'ld get some enlightened answers