Friday, October 15, 2004

Thinking about drinking

There’s some trouble I’ve been having
I can’t spell Bunnahabbhain
And I keep saying GlenmorANGIE, which is wrong.
It’s GlenMORangie I know
But my brain is running slow
I’ve been thinking about drinking far too long.

I’ve drunk Talisker in New Orleans
And Jack Daniels in Skye
I’ve mixed my Glenfiddich with Irn Bru
I’ve had pakora sauce with Jura
And Coke with my Laphroaig
American Cream Soda with Tamdhu.

It’s time to pour a glass or two
And let the liquid say what’s true
I’ve been thinking about drinking far too long

I met a man in Florida
Who swore me to secrecy
And gave me what he said was pure moonshine
It gave me double vision
Which was just as well for me
Three other folk who drank it all went blind.


I’ve used Macallan in a motorbike
To make the engine run
And I’ve cauterised a cut with
I’ve used Scapa as an aftershave
Cleaned windows with Famous Grouse
And stripped off ancient varnish with some Powers


Copyright Tom Morton 2004. All rights reserved. From the song cycle Spirit of Misadventure


paulk said...

Hi Tom, Thought I could be the first to comment here. Totally new to this "blogging" but gave it a try. Are these lyrics a forerunner to a new album. I noted that the Harbour album is gaining big bucks at auction. Can I send my copy to you for an autograph? Anyway, as always I enjoy the show. Keep on trucking, as they used to say.

paulk said...

Hi Tom, tried to post a comment yesterday but it didn't show up. Don't know if it should so forgive me if this comes through twice. Anyway, as always I enjoy the show. Is this song cycle a precurser of another album? I saw that the harbours album is going for biggish bucks, can I send my copt to you for an autograph? Might push the price up. Anyway, I'll wait and see if this comment appears anywhere. keep up the good work and try to find some time for Michael Hurley on the show.

Tom Morton said...

Hi Paul - Just dipping my toe in the water, so to speak. But yes, I hope there will be another couple of albums at least. By all means send OOTH to Beeb Aberdeen and I promise to return it suitably adorned...