Monday, January 03, 2005

Teetotal new year?

...and a very good 2005 to you. I don't know what to say about the tsunami and its after-effects. Give money. Wonder about the weird political responses in the UK. Pray and grieve and keep on going.
It's 3rd January, and yesterday was the last of our seasonal bashes. A great time has been had, I think, and last night the Italian tomato and beef stew, Moroccan beef thingy and traditional new year steak pie went down a treat. So, alas, despite promises to the contrary, did the Champagne (sparkling Australian Chardonnay, actually) Montepulciano, non-sparkling Chardonnay, Lakka (Finnish liqueur, made from berries, very sweet) Highland Park and Guinness.
This is the time of year for resolutions, and I am always tempted towards teetotalism around about 3rd January, when liver and brain throb with over-indulgence. I think that would be a cop-out, though. A kind of denial of pleasure, of life, to an extent. But what I think is worth resolving is this: to deny the worth of drunkenness. To affirm clever, healthy drinking. And I think that's a topic I'm going to pursue.
Back on air tomorrow, live, at 2.00 pm. Speak to you then.


tomjervis said...

Clever, healthy drinking ? Nearly an oxymoron. A Good New Year to you Tom.

Tom Morton said...

Well, very possibly. I stupidly tackled a bottle of Australian "Full 15" plonk the other night. That's the full 15 per cent alcohol. My lips went numb.