Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just about...

....sorted out for tomorrow, and the arrival of my dad, his wife, my sister and her family, my pals Stewart and Jo. They're all on the boat tonight, so I hope they have a reasonable trip.
We've had a three-month battle to sort out Gateside, home of The Radiocroft, as suitable accommodation for my sister shiona, her husband John and their children. Today the redoubtable Duncan and partner in crime Scot provided the essential finishing touches - emergency electrical work, plumbing in washing machine, etc. It's spartan, but warm and I hope comfy. I'm just back from "blacking" the old pot belly stove, and I think it's OK.
Here at the Manse, everything is fine I think for our other guests. Susan and Martha have done a fantastic job. all that remains is for me to head for the boat tomorrow and pick everyone up. Then...let the party begin!

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