Monday, April 30, 2007

Gimme some kind of sign...

Hard thing to photograph, the new, shiny and absolutely massive, WELCOME TO NORTHMAVINE sign, at the isthmus called Mavis Grind which marks the start of our little community in the north mainland of Shetland. So hats off to the Shetland News for having a nice one and the full story of its manufacture.

I went to the sign's grand 'opening' (it would have been an unveiling, but the wind was too...windy)on Sunday with James and Martha, who are both activists in 'Da Young Eens Fae Nort' youth development group. It's an amazing sight, based on the Hollywood sign, but less intrusive. It sort of shimmers away into the hillside.

Afterwards, we had a choice of Sunday tea action, as there was sign-celebration activity at the Sullom Hall, AND the legendary Ollaberry Hall teas a bit further north. We plumped for Ollaberry - too many politicians at Sullom, all manouevring for votes in Thursday's council elections. I sincerely believe that the best cakes in Western Europe, and possibly the world, were being served in Northmavine on Sunday.

And I ate a great many of them.

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