Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nasty night in a northerly

Back home after one of the worst experiences I've ever had aboard a Shetland ferry. Wasn't sick, but only because I remained prone for the entire voyage. Well, most of it. When I wasn't trying to clear up the copious vomit of the (let's allow him anonymity) offspring in the bunk below mine.
Problem was a vicious wee northerly wind, steep seas, the crap design of the NorthLink boats (flat bottoms - they're skips, not ships) and the cabin we had - the old crew accommodation in the bows. When it comes to pitching you feel everything. And another thing - the new flat-screen tellies/DVD players won't play DVDs in a storm.
Two passengers had to be airlifted off by helicopter. Oh, it was a fun night. I had three hours uneasy sleep. I feel wretched about the mess in our cabin...but not as wretched as I did last night.

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David said...

Could you have faked an injury yourself and got a helicopter lift to Shetland? Although you may have had to spend a few days in hospital...