Friday, July 04, 2008

The West Highland Way - conquered! But not by me...

Susan completed the West Highland Way last weekend (her second time), and has asked me to encourage you to contribute to The Sandpiper Trust in celebration. All is explained:

"I have just finished walking the West Highland Way with my practice nurse Caroline Garrick. I was able to do this( luckily still) courtesy of 'Sandpiper bag' and a GP who knew how to use it, as, some of you may know , I was involved in a very high speed collision and was lucky to survive in 2005.

The Sandpiper Trust, a Scottish charity, provides GPs and nurses living and working in rural Scotland with appropriate emergency medical equipment known as The Sandpiper Bag. The Sandpiper Bag enables lifesaving “pre-hospital“ procedures to be carried out during that critical period known as the “Golden Hour”. Sandpiper Bags with their standardised layout and contents have now become widely recognised as an international standard for immediate care.

I have also had to use my own Blue Sandpiper bag to help my own patients in life- threatening emergencies over the last few years.

I would like to ask for donations towards Sandpiper from my friends, acquaintances, and contacts. I wasn't sure if I'd make it to the end of the WHW due to balance problems post the head injury and feet injuries, and so didn't like to ask for sponsors beforehand.
But we did it! I staggered along with poles as crutches.

Dr Susan Bowie

If you feel you can help this very worthwhile cause please make any donations to

'The Sandpiper Trust'. "

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