Friday, December 05, 2008

Bob Dylan to play Edinburgh Playhouse and SECC

...Tour just announced. Tickets are on sale NOW for the SECC gig, but there's some delay regarding the really hot one, the Playhouse in Edinburgh. Tomorrow or the day after, according to Ticketmaster. The chance to see Dylan (as previously with Waits and Young) in a small, seated venue is too good to miss.

Meanwhile, today's show is mostly about your choice of covers (second hour) though I may mention speed cameras (alternative uses) and the top 10 stupid Christmas gifts.


Anonymous said...

Playhouse on slae now!!!

Tom Morton said...

....and successfully bought! Cheers Norrie!

Anonymous said...

Great Tom - only way to get a message to you so glad that worked!

johnfaearran said...

... me too, three rows from front.
see yous there!!