Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It was 23 years ago...but did I really look like this?

Thanks to my old mate Stewart Cunningham, ace snapper, I now remember that I was once this thin and this pretentious on stage. It was 1987, Shetland, indoors at the Sound Hall and outdoors on the island of Foula.


Anonymous said...

Acoustic guitar and suit was never a good look.

obanclipper said...

Blimey - it's quiff watch and Chris Packham Snr.!!!!


The Driver said...

Looks more like Shaky to me

Tonykaku said...

hope you guys had a brilliant time at the concert last night.

1987 was a big and much thinner year for me too as it was the year i started with my airline...we had weight limits back then. i will have to dig out a photo for old times sake.