Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shetland in the sunshine, yesterday. Warnings of heavy snow for next week, though...

The usual Saturday morning trip to Lerwick for Music Club, which leaves me with space for my usual fruit scone and cappuccino at The Peerie Shop Cafe. I'm never there at the right time for the legendary strawberry cheesecake or even one of the cataclysmic sandwiches, which is weighing heavily on me. I must adjust my schedule.

Here in Shetland (Or Simonkingland as we must now call it, now that it has been discovered by The Weeping Attenborough) we are adjusting to the televisual fame which will doubtless see a slew of tourists arriving to view otters, killer whales and various Kings; they are of course ten a penny around here. Actually, joking aside, a friend phoned the other day to say that he thinks otter behaviour is changing. And it's not just that they've all got agents nowadays. Sorry. He was saying that they're far less shy and prone to eating any old thing that comes their way. Notably, in once recent case that he witnessed, a rabbit. Which it had seemingly drowned. The phrase 'you look like a drowned rabbit' springs to mind.

A busy week ahead. It's Up Helly Aa week here in Northmavine, and it promises to be one of the busiest, and, worrying, snowiest in recent memory. My son, daughter-in-law and grandson are arriving, Martha has five pals staying over, Sandy and Caroline and baby Seoras are coming from Unst, and there have been sightings of the lesser spotted Simonus Kingus, despite him abandoning his cottage hereabouts as it was too, like, rural. That's the thing about wilderness. It can be rather too wild.

Still, there's always the Peerie Shop Cafe...and Frankie's Chip Shop...

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Linda said...

The Peerie Shop Cafe scones just about felled us on our holiday a couple of years ago.

Simonkingland. Very droll!