Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring may just have suddenly sproinged in Shetland

I've been examining our 'forest'. No, not the old, mighty and massive trees you can see here, but the woodland planted on the croft three years ago and still at the marginal-might-or-might-not-make-it wee-tiny-stick stage. You can see a wee totie example in the foreground. Hundreds of native species - mostly willow - have gone in, along with some spruce and other planty things I forget. I think they might even grow! Buds have appeared. They are not, despite volcanic ash, hurricanes, ice, snow and the baleful hatred of passing sheep, dead yet.

And the daffodils are out at Gateside, aka The Radiocroft. It's actually warm in the sunshine. Could it be....could it possibly be...spring?

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Anonymous said...

Tom - thats just a great picture! Daffs and other brightly coloured flowers blooming now in Orkney too. Just promise me you didn't push plastic ones into the ground?