Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Admiral Fallow. The money shot

This is very good, first shot in the campaign which should take/is aimed at taking AF into the major leagues this year. They have the backing. They have the ambition. They have the attitude and they have the ability. OK. it's Idlewildish (mid-period) and some of the edges have been honeyed. But hey, this is commerce! Literate commerce, though. Got to love the way 'the boy done good' is in quotes.

Did I mention the inveterate Tweeting and groundswell word of mouth?

Louis was at the Shetland Folk Festival last year, and virtually no-one noticed. This year, as part of a major-venue tour, they're doing a special one-off headline gig at the islands' biggest venue, the Clickimin Centre. There's still a degree of puzzlement in certain archipelagic quarters, where the AF buzz has yet to infect. We shall see what the attendance is like.

Worries? Is the major venue tour coming in too early? Selling it out will depend on furious social media activity and press. But then, this posting is, I suppose, part of that...

is the beard off yet? I'd guess it will be soon.

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