Saturday, April 06, 2013

Morton Through Midnight...and Where I Live Part Two

Lulu looking pensive. As ever

Well, the first Morton Through Midnight was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland (live, and from Shetland, oh you disbelievers, with the music played in from Glasgow) last night, and so my new nocturnal weekend life begins. In fact, I was home by 1.45 am (despite snow on the roads, again) and in bed by 2.00 am, so up and about  by 9.00 am.

Feeling a bit discombobulated, I have to admit, spending most of the morning dazedly surfing the net looking at guitars (don't tell) in the wake of one I had sold on eBay being returned as 'damaged'. I suspect  that perennial eBay problem, the time-wasting customer who 'just wants a wee look'. It's going to get worse, as eBay are bringing in a compulsory returns policy for business sellers. Ah well.

Anyway. The first show went well, I think. Lots of great feedback, mostly via Facebook, which seems to suit MTM listeners much more than Twitter. Here are the contact details. The show is back on tonight and Sunday, 10.05 pm to 1.00 am, and you can catch it on iPlayer through the website, or listen online. All the playlists will be on the website on Monday.

Facebook is Morton Through Midnight
Twitter is @mortonmidnight

So, having shaken off the morning's torpor, I headed out with the dogs for a wee dauner, this time to the other side of the Hilswick Ness from yesterday. It was ferociously cold, so I didn't get far. Just to the magnificent West Ayre and a wee bit further. This is where the now-legendary Socks-the-Pony ad for 3 Mobile was shot.
West Ayre, Hillswick. No Socks

The dogs, Lulu and Rug, seemed to enjoy it, though Rug (fat and unfit, like me) tired quickly. So it was back to the manse for some warming up next to the Rayburn. And perhaps another look at those guitars.

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