Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From The Referendum Songbook: Sturgeon Wall (The Buckfast Song)

Sturgeon Wall (The Buckfast song)

Barbed wire on the border
Got to cross The Sturgeon Wall
Barbed wire on the border
Got to cross the Sturgeon Wall
You should see the tailbacks on the A7 at Mosspaul

Checking the lorries
I'm no' pleased
Got sixty crates of Buckfast heading for Dundee

The monks don't like it,
The monks don't like it
The monks don't like it, naebody likes it
Take my freedom if you like that's fine
You’ll never  take my tonic wine

Immigration man
He's wearing tartan trews
And a wee Mac10 submachine gun he's dying to use

Looking for a payoff
In those daft Caledonian groats
In my passport, sonny
there's 200 million note
That'll buy a few votes

Now I'm heading for Tayside
With my electric soup
Everybody in Broughty Ferry is pure dead cockahoop


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