Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New on The Referendum Songbook: Naebody Ever Asked Me (The Opinion Poll Song)

The full Referendum Songbook (a song a week until 19 September) is at http://referendumsongbook.blogspot.co.uk/

I’m quiet as a moose
I very rarely leave the hoose     
Shop at the Co-op, Tesco, never
(Except if I’m desperate, cause they deliver)

I’m hardly young, but I’m no very old
I don’t like doing what I’m told
Folk say they speak for me on television
But they never asked for my permission
Naebody ever asked me
Naebody ever asked me
I’m a simple soul, I’m no in they polls
Naebody ever asked me

I call him Max for short, he’s a rescue pug
Maxton’s too long a name for a dug
My pal Sue’s got a mutt called Karl, a Staffie
She walks  him in the park, she likes to wear her baffies

Naebody ever asked me....

So will I make to the polling station
To seal the fate of this wee nation?
I’ll make it if I have to crawl
Karl and Max’ll be there and all

And me and and Sue too, you will see
We'll be voting for solidarity
For the union of the working class
Our voices will be heard at last
I could've tellt you, but you never asked...

Naebody ever asked me...

Copyright Scar Quilse 2014. All rights reserved.

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