Friday, August 22, 2014

On Comparing Scotland to Panama - some verse by Scar Quilse

On Comparing Scotland to Panama

We’ve got a canal, in fact we’ve got a few
The Monklands and the Crinan and the  Caledonian too
The Union, the Forth and Clyde, which ends at Bowling Basin
The Falkirk Wheel’s the engineering symbol of our nation

I hear they use the dollar, though they’re no’ in the USA
And we could use the English pound in exactly the same way
All we need’s a General Noriega and a nice wee shooting war
And then we’ll understand what countries have a currency for

So Panama, oh Panama, Just stick it up yer bum
Cause we’ve got mair canals than you, you’ve only got the one
Panama, oh Panama, away and bile yer heid

We’ve been to Darien before, and ended up near deid

Copyright Scar Quilse, 2014

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