Sunday, January 01, 2017

...Happy New Year, fantastic aurora on Hogmanay, some great music from Shetland...via Shetland...and onwards to the world

It's 1 January 2017, I'm the only one out of bed and the Rancilio has been duly fired up. Coffee (Bean Shop of Perth espresso blend, as used in Lerwick's excellent Peerie Shop Café) has been taken, but the benefit of doing the show last night was a late start to drinking and, due to tiredness, an early finish. Had to get up at 5.00am yesterday to get James from the airport. Now, in the house above, he, Martha, Magnus, Magnus's fiancée Katie, Susan, our pal Lizzie and three dogs (Rug the St Bernard, Cooper the Greyhound, Dexter the Hyperactive Mongrel) are all snoozing.

And it's a beautiful day! Cold northerly blowing, but clear and blue skies. After an amazing night for the aurora, da merrie dancers, the northern lights, which allowed some of our visitors, just three days in Shetland, to see a fireworks display that eclipsed Edinburgh's by a very large degree.

So anyway, here I am, and I hope you're feeling good about the 12 months to come. To cheer you on your way, here's the Mixcloud audio stream of last night's two-hour Beatcroft Social, plus the last 20 minutes or so of video on Facebook - the rest was annoyingly taken down by a Facebook algorithm without explanation. But that last half hour has some of the finest shots of the aurora, mostly from the Cliff Cam at Sumburgh head, looking north.

Back live next week! Happy New Year. Oh, and here's a full playlist too, plus a link to the Spotify playlist which includes some tasty extras (and excludes the vinyl and cassettes). And can anyone spot the ONLY EVER reference in popular song to the glorious Yamaha FS1E 'Fizzy' motorcycle?



Beatcroft Social Hogmanay Special - full playlist

Righteous Brothers/Wrecking Crew: Rat Race
The Beat: Tears of a Clown
Frank Wilson: Do I love You? (Indeed I Do)
The Ukrainians: Anarchy in the UK (vinyl)
Ryan Adams: To Be Without you
Beat Farmers: Reason to Believe
Bruce Springsteen: Cadillac Ranch
Paul Brady: Arthur McBride (live recording from 'The Missing Liberty Tapes')
Pete Atkin: Time to Burn (lyrics by Clive James)
Aly Bain, Tom Anderson, Davie Tulloch, Trevor Hunter, Violet Tulloch: Jack Broke Da Prison Door/Donald Blue/Sleep Sound in the Morning/Lasses Trust in Providence/The Bonnie Isle of Whalsay. (Vinyl, from 'The Silver Bow Volume One')
Richard and Linda Thompson: Wall of Death
Scrape the Barrel: Last Chance (cassette, from 'Shetland Calling')
The Bashies: Black Cat
Gloria Jones: Tainted Love
Seasick Steve: Abraham, Martin and John
Status Quo: Over and Done With
Joe Ely: The Road Goes On Forever
Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells: The Copper Top
Tom Robinson Band: Up Against the Wall
Thin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back In town
Ronnie Costley: Hogmanay in Heaven (demo)
Stone Roses: Fool's Gold (vinyl 12-inch single)
Toots and the Maytals: 54-46 - That's My Number
Chuck Wood: Seven Days Too Long
Lorraine Chandler: I Can't Hold On
Free: All Right Now

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