Sunday, February 26, 2017

Beatcroft Social from 25 February - playlist, plus full HD video archive, Facebook issues and more

First, it's important to say that the full archive of Beatcroft Social/60North Radio shows, in full HD video and glorious stereo, is now available for streaming on the 60 North site. And that INCLUDES last night's, which, along with hundreds of other official and licensed music shows, was blocked by Facebook for reasons inaccessible to us.

We're guessing that Facebook have ignored our repeated messages regarding the licences we have taken out to ensure our broadcasts are legal, and that artists and copyright holders get paid. And that they've decided to take a 'broad brush' approach to copyright music, removing everything they think falls into that category. YouTube did the same thing but relented once deals had been struck with agencies like MCPS. We can only wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile, part of the show (about 40 minutes) IS still available on Facebook. Here, you have links to that, the Mixcloud audio stream, and, as I said, the full archive in HD video and audio, on the (much better than any other source) 60 North website. Enjoy.

Planning to go live again next week from 7.00pm on Saturday - probably with video only on Facebook and a link to the 60 North site. 

And yes, Bill Black was indeed Elvis's bassist. I know, I know...


The Las - There She Goes
The Byrds: Mr Tambourine Man
Al Green: Tired of Being Alone
Simon Haworth: The Shetland Bus
Love and Money: Candy Bar Express
Kris Drever: I Didn't Try Hard Enough
Dean Owens: Raining in Glasgow
Ron Sexsmith: Gold in Them Hills
James McMurtry: Childish Things
Richard Thompson: Don't Sit on my Jimmy Shands
Rolling Stones: Tumbling Dice
Andy Pratt: Avenging Annie
Catriona MacDonald, Debbie Scott, Knut Buen: Maggie o'Ham (foula Shaalds Dance)
Willy Mason: Restless Fugitive
Caravan: The Land of Grey and Pink
Fiddler's Bid: Leaving Lerwick Harbour
Wardruna: Helvegen
The Filthy Tongues: Crew Cut
Clifford T Ward: Home Thoughts From Abroad
Kurt Vile: Pretty Pimping
Yvonne Lyon: Learning to Live Again
Simple Minds: The American
Nathaniel Ratliff and the Night Sweats: I Need Never Get Old
Chris Stout: Norwegian Hymn

Audio only Mixcloud stream:

Here's a chunk of the show's first hour still up on Facebook:

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