Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back from lovely Spain aboard the revolting Ryanair

I am banned by the friends with whom we were holidaying from saying exactly WHERE we were in Spain but it was VERY NICE! And on the Costa Brava. Hot, though.

Ryanair, however, were horrible to us. Something has got to be done about the excess baggage nonsense: "You can pay £15 per excess kilo or go to the back of the (enormously long) queue." It's about moneygrubing and nothing else. That bag was the same weight it was when we flew out. And did we get any compensation for one cancelled and paid for flight? Nope.
On my way to Aberdeen from Luton so just one quick picture. Oh, and Neil and Liz's wedding went wonderfully well - pictures to follow. A million thanks to Jane and Kim for their hospitality. Speak soon!

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Tonykaku said...

welcome home. welcome to my world of airline-ness. i hope to be listening again tomorrow (wednesday) morning.