Monday, June 22, 2009

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

The band Drive By Truckers has always kind of passed me by...occasional exposure to singles in the line of work left me without any kind of desire to find out more, despite the fantastic Muscle Shoals family heritage of the band.

Former Trucker Jason Isbell has a new album out, though, with his touring band The 400 Unit, and as it arrived on my desk in a brief interlude between deluges of dodginess, I gave it a listen. Then I played it in the car. Three times.

Recorded at the legendary Fame studios in Isbell's home town, Muscle Shoals Alabama, it's a real country soul/rock beauty. Somewhere along the line starting with Otis Redding, and passing straight through Frankie Miller, Rod Stewart and the Allmans. Great writing.


norrie said...

Have not heard of either Tom but will check them out.

crosser nut said...

checked them out on youtube, fantastic

keep it up Tom