Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Views from the kayak on a supernaturally still night

I wish to wholeheartedly recommend the Bic Ouassou sit-on-top kayak. So far this year, I have been out on the water more than in the past five years put together. It's stable, safe, robust (rotary-moulded polythene) and above all, easy to use.No faffing about with bad outboards and heavy, leaky boats. And it was cheap too.

Anyway, out tonight from about 21.40 until 22.30, on a night so calm you could see the sandeels' ripples. And so could the tirricks, who came plummeting down like mini-gannets, hitting the water like aerial torpedoes.

St Magnus' Bay was ridiculously still. Sitting in the kayak was like sitting on a rock. And, to quote The Other Bruce (Cockburn) the sun went down, looking like the eye of God.

By the way, these photos were taken on a fairly basic phone, a Samsung Solid. Which I can say without fear of contradiction, is splashproof. Not to say immersion proof.

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Anonymous said...

dodgy floating about on a meteor impact site !....I fancy a Bic 245 .....with wheels ....and a Bongo....