Monday, June 15, 2009

The Viking Energy debate - live tonight on BBC Radio Shetland

Ahem...It’s the biggest issue facing Shetland, and tonight, for two hours, live, the main players for and against Viking Energy are available to you for questions and comment.

A special two hour Speakeasy on BBC Radio Shetland tonight from 10 past six, hosted by me, Tom Morton. Viking Energy – yes or no? Phone your thoughts to 01595 694747 or email

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norrie said...

The challenge is getting the energy to where it is needed and to cahnge how we use our energy.

Scotland at the moment is a net exporter of electricity but that is only a part of our energy needs. We need to move from the gas and oil based fuels towards electricity in the future and find a suitable means of storing electricity and getting it to wher it is needed.