Saturday, August 01, 2009

Caddie lambs at the Voe show


'Caddie' in this instance, referring to tame or pet lambs/sheep, often hand-reared and familiar presences in the household. Only not ours, where I fear Lulu the St Bernard would look balefully on the notion.

It was cold, grey and damp at the Voe Show, though as always it was good to see the seriously high quality animals, produce, cakes, craft and art work produced by folk. I had to stop Susan renting a cherry picker which resembled a Tiger Tank.

Very annoyed to see that the show had permitted the dangerous dickheads from the supposed 'Shetland Independent Ambulance Service' to mount a display. Make no mistake, these people are a menace and no-one should have any truck with them at all. Sometimes the Shetlandic culture of polite diffidence can be a menace. I had to stop myself doing that Glaswegian thing and starting something of a ruckus. In my opinion, it's an utter disgrace that the show committee allowed them to participate. This is the Shetland Fantasy Ambulance website: but it's worth looking at the requisite ShetLink threads here:

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