Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Barn of Bannocks broadcasting

Well, here I sit at last in the Barn of Bannocks, connected up to the wonderweb through BT Business Highway (no broadband in the remote fastness of Northmavine, Shetland) at a glorious 128 thingies.
The excellent Scott, with help from Duncan, has converted the barn into a relatively comfortable retreat from the madness of daily life; or if you will, a shed. Ah, the concept of the Human Shed - mostly male, it should be said! A place to go and be alone with...books, records, loud stereo systems, recording equipment, bicycles and, on Thursday, all being well, broadcasting.
Yep, the daily Tom Morton Show (, 14.00 hrs, GMT, weekdays) will be beamed, or rather, wired, from the Barn of Bannocks for two days, at least until we see if the technology works or something breaks down. The AEQ codec box is installed and has been tested. The venerable AKG microphone has been wiped of spittle and hoovered for curry residue.
All this speaking down the phone lines (hey, there's a novel concept) in quality is currently impossible with packet-switched broadband (which I can't get hereabouts anyway), though I understand experiments are afoot to see if it can be made to work. My biggest problem is with visuals. Using the old BBC music lines from Lerwick, I can both broadcast and set up a Netmeeting connection via the BBC's intranet. Not possible from a remote location, and so at the moment, I'm trying out, with a webcam-to-the world in not very good quality. We shall see. or rather, we might not...

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