Thursday, November 25, 2004

Broughty Ferry

Phew! Just back from a night out in Dundee, Newport-on-Tay and Broughty Ferry, which taxed my liver to the utmost.
It was work, honest. I'm not at liberty to explain what at the moment, but it's a mega-exciting project which was signed, sealed and is yet to be delivered.
Anyway, I'd never been in Broughty Ferry before, Dundee's salubrious firth-side suburb. It's a splendid place, full of great pubs (the Fisherman's and the Ship were our howffs of choice) and one of the best Indian restaurants I've encountered in 30 years of Scottish curry-quaffing. Bombay Joe's, if you're in the vicinity.
I like Dundee. That waterfront is phenomenal, and the bridges (crossing from Fife To Dundee this morning was extravagantly enjoyable, hangover notwithstanding). Good restaurants, great pubs, nice folk, cheaper than average housing. Captain Scott's boat, too. I will return. Or should that be 'shall'?
Meanwhile, to the talkface! One Alka Seltzer XS, six vitamin yeast tablets, a fried egg roll, a bacon roll, loads of tea, a bowl of soup, a steak pie. I feel...all right, as Steve Earle would say...

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