Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shetland at its best - in more ways than one

A glorious day, really hot, slightly breezy (as I found out when cycling the 12 miles from Brae to Graven and back: up to 32 mph one way, scraping 12 the other)but beautiful. the Bookcroft is OPEN, and today we had a customer! Well, to be exact, it was Chris, son of the neighbours who bought something on Sunday, handing in the cash. But that's custom in my book! Or bookshop.
Just back from the Sakchai concert (or 'foy') in Brae, and it truly was Shetland at its best and most community-spirited. I was proud to be involved. And great too, I think, that the bar was only sellng soft drinks. Weird, though, seeing Sakchai in the flesh after all this TV coverage. It was seeing Robert De Niro or Jackie Bird popping up at the local hall. In a manner of speaking.

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