Monday, February 26, 2007

Guilt-ridden bashing of someone's car door

Hell's teeth! The rush south to Sumburgh Airport on Friday night, amidst terrible weather, saw the Berlingo door thud into driver's door of a Volkswagen Golf (or it might have been a Polo), having been whipped out my hand by a gust of wind. Damage was done. None to the Berlingo, oddly. Vorsprung Durch Edith Piaf.
I had no opportunity to leave a note (which would have been destroyed by the weather anyway)so now I'm working out ways of contacting the owner and offering to pay for the damage. It was metallic green, and I have the number. If anyone knows whose car it was, please let me know.
There's a new, brief whisky post on Nippy Sweeties.

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