Friday, March 23, 2007

Foodtastic Musa, The Beautiful Mountain and Jolene has a baby!

The food at Aberdeen's Musa, where we played last night, is exceptional - lovely venison. Chef Jens, legendary for his work at the nearby Cafe 52, was on holiday but David did a fine job.
Standing room only for the gig itself, numbers swelled by The Fortunate Sons, who were playing at The Tunnels. Apologies for not making it later on, guys - exhaustion after the boat trip set in fiercely.
James and myself have become, briefly, regulars at The Beautiful Mountain in Belmont Street, which is expensive but truly exceptional for breakfast, coffee and snacks. Easily the best public porridge I have ever eaten.
James is off to see the new movie The 300 while I do some broadcasting. Then it's off to Glenfarg for the Bein Inn gig.
Meanwhile, hot news! Jolene Crawford of Finniston has had her baby, a bouncing girl called Bella. Not only that, mother and daughter are coming to the Lang Spoon Festival! That's commitment for you!

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Mike Fortunate Sons said...

Not to worry tom, the show went swimmingly and malacky passed on your regards as well. all the best